Success case

Our customer is a multinational company that rents costumes and accessories to TV and film production houses.


Sticker Control accelerates the process by which the customer pulls inventory for delivery to production house and ensures that the order is fulfilled correctly the first time.


Our system also make the process the return of inventory from the production house quick and easy, and makes sure that all of the inventory is returned.

1: Our customer’s needs

Label the clothing and accessories more quickly

The process included heat sealing the RFID labels on the garments, photographing the garments, and then encoding information about the garment on the RFID label.

Streamline the process of linking garments to be delivered to a shipment manifest

The customer's original process required employees to do a manual read of barcodes on each garment to add them to a shipment manifest.

Process returns faster

The fundamental objective was to reduce the time required to process the return of garments to eliminate a significant operational bottleneck.

2: Our solution

One-step process to apply the RFID label to the garments

The labeling process is a single step involving several simultaneously actions (i) the garment being photographed, (ii) the garment data written to the RFID tag, (iii) the garment being associated with a shipment manifest, and (iv) the data being saved in our database.

Integración IoT para la gestión del inventario

Integramos etiquetado RFID, facilitando la unificación del punto anterior y aportando eficiencias a la gestión del inventario.

Use of the Sales and Inventory Management modules

Our system manages sales, order control, shipment manifests and, more importantly, processing the return of the garments. Our system controls the RFID technology that allows all of this to be done quickly and easily.

The benefits of our solution

Fast labeling and shipping

Our system reduced the time required to label a garment from 1 minute to less than 20 seconds, while generating the shipment manifest at the same time.

Garment labels are read instantly

Once the garments are labelled, our system allows employees to confirm that the right garments are associated with the shipment manifest quickly and easily.

Reduced time to label clothes


Inventory management

Automated inventory management, including knowing where the garments are -- within our customer's facility or at one of their client's production location.

Immediate processing of returns

The time to process returns accurately was reduced from around 180 items per hour per person to around 2,000 items per person per hour.

Reduction of the time to process returns of garments from customers.


Accuracy of inventory counts


Workflow with the Sticker Control System

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