What is Sticker Control?

Our platform provides small and mid-sized businesses access to Industry 4.0 technologies quickly, easily and affordably.

Our system integrates with any system you are using and manages any type of IoT sensor.  This allows you to collect more data and then use that data to optimize your operations.  


Sticker Control allows small and mid-sized businesses to be more competitive in an increasingly demanding environment.

What can I do?

Track Assets

Control the movement of all products, from the receiving dock to the warehouse to the manufacturing line to final delivery to the customer.

Eliminate Shipment Errors and More

Our system integrates easily with your other systems so you can validate customer shipments automatically to make sure they are correct before they leave your facility and more.

Notifications and Alerts

Generate alerts and personalized notifications.

Manage Critical Control Points

Monitor activities at critical control points – know what’s happening in real-time.

Capture and Use Data

Capture data using any kind of sensor or through our digital forms. Analytics, optimization algorithms and customizable graphics allow you to use data to optimize your operations in minutes.

Manage and Optimize Inventory

Do accurate inventory cycle counts in minutees. Update your inventory stocks in real-time. Optimize your inventory levels.

We help you capture the data you need.

Our customizable digital forms can mirror your work-flows or be used on a stand-alone basis.

Supplement the digital forms with any one or more of a multitude of technologies, sensors and devices – RFID, QR codes, bar codes, GPS devices and more.

RFID technology is becoming more powerful and more affordable all the time.  It provides functionality that is far superior to bar codes and can even be used in conjunction with bar codes.  RFID sensors can let you take automated asset tracking to another level.

Quickly and easily customize the features of your system

Manage the roles of employees

Assign different permissions according to each employee’s role.

Employees can create their own customized dashboards

Our platform allows each employee to generate and edit dashboards and create customized views.

Manage any type of asset

Track and manage any type of asset.  This includes being able to define the attributes you want to associate with each asset type. 

Create new assets or integrate those defined by your other systems and track them with the Sticker Control Platform.

Security is Critical

Native cloud platform, installed in a private cloud with servers located in a Tier IV Data Center.

We can also install an on-premise solution or custom hybrid solutions

Secure communication channel between our servers and your systems.

Our system will continue to work if your internet connection is interrupted, so your operations will continue.

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Simple Implementation

No expensive and time-consuming implementation process

Be up and running in weeks.

No need for expensive headcount or external consultants to install or use the system.

Use the system through a web browser or through our App.

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What type of company can make best use of the Sticker Control platform?

Our platform is designed to provide asset control and traceability, whether it is inventory, WIP, tools, tooling, production equipment, vehicles or something else.  It is powerful and yet flexible enough to work for visually any manufacturer or distributor.

Is the implementation of the system difficult? Do I need a team of consultants to do it?

Our platform is designed so that you can be up and running in less than a week.  Our APIs allow us to integrate quickly with most ERPs and other systems in the market.  All you have to do is create a user and you can quickly start to customize the platform to suit your needs.  Also our team is there to help you.  It is very easy!

My company has very specific needs -- can you help us?

Our platform is designed to adapt to almost all of your needs. If you have specific requirements that you think we do not address, please call us to see if we can work out a solution.  We can adapt our system to add modules and integrations, and we also can work with almost any kind of IoT sensors to make sure that we solve your problems.

From what distance can RFID readers read tagged assets?

It depends a lot on the type of sensor that is used – the quality and the surface on which it is attached, the operating environment, and the type of reader that is used.  Usually we use UHF RFID tags, which have a range of approximately 30 to 50 feet.

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