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Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

The Industrial IoT or Industry 4.0 is monopolizing much of the media focus these days and rightly so.  Issues such as managing and optimizing the use and stocks of physical assets and other technologies, analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence are very important to businesses.  The operational efficiencies and economic benefits that IIoT systems can bring can be impressive.

Many manufacturing and logistics companies know the benefits that the use of IIoT technologies can bring – whether optimizing the use of resources, increasing employee productivity or increasing other operational efficiencies.

The reality, however, is that too few companies are adopting these technologies successfully because of the high cost and complexity of existing solutions.  These companies do not want to (and, in many cases, cannot) hire the expensive technical experts required to adopt and to use these systems, or have major concerns about the cost and operational disruption these systems would cause.

SC Tech Systems makes it easy

SC Tech Systems is designed so that companies can get the benefits of Industry 4.0 technologies easily.

Visualize the journey of your assets through your facility

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In addition to providing asset tracking and traceability, status and usage, the SC Tech Systems Platform allows companies to integrate with increasingly sophisticated and digitized supply chains.

With more and more accurate and timely data, use SC Tech Systems’ analytics and algorithms to improve the management of your inventory levels, to identify opportunities for operational efficiencies and more.

Modular design and the 80/20 rule

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The SC Tech Systems Platform is modular.  This allows you to start with basic functionality and add more modules as your needs develop.  This provides an easy and cost-effective process for automating and digitizing your operations.

Our clients do not pay for functionality (and complexity) you don’t want or need. Follow the Pareto Principle (also known as the 80/20 rule) to get all of the benefits of our cutting-edge technologies, while avoiding much of the complexity and disruption of implementing a new system.

The SC Tech Systems Leadership Team


Unai Larrauiri

Co-founder & Exec Chairman - Bilbao

Jeffrey L. Beyle

Co-founder & CEO - Denver

Marcello Azevedo

Head of Operations - Bilbao

José Ramón Andecochea

Project Manager - Madrid

Dejung Yang

Associate Professor of Computer Science - Colorado School of Mines

Qin (Christine) Lv

Associate Professor of Computer Science - Univ. of Colorado at Boulder