Real-Time Inventory Counts

Save time and improve your inventory control

Our system uses sensors to let you perform accurate inventory

counts much more quickly and easily – reduce the time

it takes to conduct inventories by 90+%.

Know exactly what stock levels you have at all times.

Track returnable packaging and products

Automatically count returns – match against the count sent to the customer to identify sources of loss and leakage. 

Make sure that returns are handled according to your established procedures.

Use RFID, bar codes, QR codes or any other sensors to replace spreadsheets and paper-based systems

View and Export

View inventory levels and locations in real-time via your mobile phone, tablet or browser.

Use integrated business intelligence functionality to see easy-to-use action points.

Our system integration APIs will export data and reports to your other systems (or to your laptop) for further analysis.

Customizable reports let you see the data the way you want to see it

Generate custom reports using advanced filters – filter by asset type, time periods, locations and more.