Our easy-to-use platform provides real-time data on the status and location of your products while they are in transit

Alway have the data you need

about your shipments

Our platform provides real-time data about each of your shipments





Much more

Learn more about how our GPS

tracking platform works

Shipment details are pulled from your systems,

your profile and/or via our easily

customizable digital forms

Enter the supping data or import it directly from your other systems.

End customer, delivery address, shipping manifest, expected delivery data, and more

Each shipment uses one inexpensive, reusable tracking device

The device captures and transmits the data from your shipment - which you can see on our platform

View the route your shipments are taking

on Google Maps

Route information.

Track your shipment, confirming that it is where it should be at all times.

Define the alerts you want.

Get notified when the thresholds you set for the temperature, humidity or acceleration are exceeded, or when the shipping route changes, and when your shipment arrives at certain points along the route.

Maintain control of your shipments

at all times

Visualize the data so you quickly see what you need to know.

View the data in tables, graphs and charts so you can see the shipment status over time and any times your tracking thresholds were breached.

Personalize your tracking status thresholds.

Each shipment is different, so you can customize the thresholds allowed for temperature, acceleration, humidity and more, and see the measured values at all times.

Share and export your data

Update your customers automatically.

Send a ling for a landing page where your customers can track their shipments, showing the data you want them to see.

Customizable reports.

Easily export the data and reports to your system so you can share it readily.